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How Do Myopia Control Glasses Work?

How Do Myopia Control Glasses Work?

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Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide. 

It causes difficulty in seeing objects that are far away, and people with myopia usually have to rely on glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision. 

However, there is a new solution to this problem–myopia control glasses. These special glasses not only correct vision but also help slow down myopia progression by refocusing where light hits the retina in the eyes.

Regular eye exams keep you seeing your best and are necessary for early diagnosis, monitoring, and managing eye conditions, including myopia, to prevent more significant eye conditions. 

Understanding the Causes of Myopia

First things first, let’s get acquainted with what myopia is. It is a common vision condition, also known as nearsightedness, where you can see objects up close clearly but things further away, not so much. This usually starts during childhood and might gradually worsen as you grow.

Myopia is caused by a genetic predisposition, and it is worsened by environmental factors like reading and prolonged screen time. The eyeball of a person with myopia is too long, which causes light to focus in front of the retina instead of on it. This, in turn, causes blurry vision.

Features of Myopia Control Glasses

Myopia control glasses work differently from regular glasses. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill eyeglasses. They are designed with special features that help correct vision and slow down the progression of myopia. 

How Myopia Control Glasses Work

The center of the lens corrects the nearsightedness, allowing clear distance vision. The outer edge of the lens, however, has less power. This variation in lens power across the lens is called peripheral defocus.

When a person wears these glasses regularly, it can help to reduce the risk of the problem getting worse over time.

Why Peripheral Defocus Matters

So why does this matter? It all boils down to how our eyes interpret light. When we look at something, light enters our eyes and focuses on the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. 

In a myopic eye, the light focuses in front of the retina instead of directly on it, causing distant objects to appear blurry.

This is where myopia control glasses come into play. The different lens powers create a form of peripheral defocus that nudges the light focus back onto the retina. 

Benefits of Myopia Control Glasses

One of the most significant benefits of myopia control glasses is that they can slow down the progression of myopia, which can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with myopia. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Myopia Control Glasses

When purchasing myopia control glasses, it is essential to find a reputable seller

It is also important to ensure the glasses fit correctly and are comfortable. 

Additionally, following the manufacturer’s instructions and wearing the glasses regularly is essential to achieve the desired effect.

It is crucial to remember that myopia control glasses are not a cure for myopia. They’re designed to slow its progression. This means that even with these glasses, you may still need to wear corrective lenses or undergo other treatments in the future.

A woman in an optical clinic shaking hands with her optometrist.

Takeaways on Myopia Control Glasses

Myopia control glasses are a promising tool in the fight against myopia progression. They manipulate how light focuses in the eye, potentially slowing its growth. While they are no magic bullet, they can play a significant role in preserving your vision.

By understanding the causes of myopia and how these glasses work, individuals can make an informed decision about whether or not they are the right solution. 

Remember, always consult with your eye doctor at Broadway Eyecare before making any decisions about your eye health. Controlling myopia is a long-term commitment. With proper care and instructions, myopia control glasses can provide significant benefits and improve the quality of life for those who wear them. Book an appointment to begin the conversation.

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